Gus Kramer for Contra Costa

People, not Politics!

As an elected official (not really a politician), I fight for regular folks like you and me. After I was voted into office as County Assessor, I pushed for equitable property rates and protected families and regular citizens from unfair burdens. My years of working for local governments have shown me different perspectives on the powers and pressures in play, and my experience allows me the means to keep doing a great job for all. My years in funerary services helped tap my sensitive side, my empathy, for understanding what others are going through. It keeps me in touch.

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  • Improve transportation, especially HWY 4 and let’s make BART safe
  • Protect home property values
  • Improve neighborhood fire protection and support local police
  • Encourage infill housing and respect urban limit lines
  • I will champion local, small non-profit, church, and veteran homeless shelters and programs that help find housing for the less fortunate

Gus Kramer works for YOU

As County Assessor, I manage my office to be the the example of how local government works efficiently.  I have made improvements to streamline our office operations, supported equity, eliminated case backlogs, and improved levels of service, all while operating substantially under budget. Other departments should take note.

During the recent great recession, I helped save thousands of peoples’ homes from foreclosure in lowering the property taxes on their homes in accordance to the law. At the same time I was battling with oil refineries and the largest newspaper in our county over multi-million dollar tax appeals. Those same corporations are supporting my opponent in order to have that tax burden shifted to YOU, private citizens.

Gus Kramer, Proud Public Servant for Contra Costa County

Despite the political slings and arrows cast at me, I keep my head down and work hard for the People of Contra Costa County. The voters have elected me Assessor again and again because I serve them well. Greedy political opponents and corporate opportunists want to take me down to put their own interests ahead those of the People.

Even though I have been exonerated by independent investigations, and the East Bay Times publicly retracting their repeated lies, my opponents persist.

A few years ago the Times covered me in a story. The old-timers tell me I am the first County Assessor to work the front counter and answer questions right there in person.

As an “insider” of local government, I see how the sausage is made. The power plays, the money grabs, the wheeling and dealing.  Most citizens never get to see this, and don’t understand how it effects them.  When it comes to real property, a family home and nest egg, lives depend on it.  I make a point of getting out into the Contra Costa communities and speaking about the state of the real estate market, the tax base, and the big picture of property values in our region. I speak at real estate professional luncheons, Rotary meetings, and many other social, professional, and service organizations to share my perspective and give others a look behind the curtain.

Feel free to invite me to your group’s next meeting to discuss the state of real property in our county. Or say HI on the street next time you see me. I want to hear from you.

News and Opinions from Gus

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I appreciate your interest and support.