An Open Letter to Governor Newsom

Open Letter to Gov Newsom from Gus Kramer

Dear Governor Newsom:

The election season is nearly over, but the seat of Contra Costa County Supervisor for District 2 is likely to be unsettled in the coming months. After a tight run-off in the Spring, I am now running a tight race against Federal Glover for a seat on the County Board of Supervisors. 

I am writing this open letter to let you know that if I do not win, there will likely be a vacant seat after Federal Glover is forced to step down. As you know, in the event of a vacancy on the Board, the County rules state the Governor fills the vacancy with an appointment. 

This I ask: If Federal Glover wins the race for Supervisor against me, and leaves office for any reason during the first year of his term, follow the will of the People and appoint me, Gus Kramer, to fill the vacancy as the Supervisor for District 2.

The uncertainty for Supervisor of District 2 stems from the fact that my opponent Federal Glover is currently under criminal investigation by State and Federal authorities. These criminal law enforcement agencies have decided to delay filing any charges until after November 3rd, in order to avoid election interference. This decision delays giving the People the opportunity to be fully informed when choosing who will be Supervisor. Regardless of who wins this November election, it is likely my opponent will be charged with serious felonies related to crimes committed while in office. 

The investigation into Glover’s alleged crimes is being kept quiet within the County, and I have only limited insight as a senior ranking County officer. My understanding is the potential charges may be related to Glover’s bribes and graft as Supervisor; his self-dealing of County funds to friends and family; or related to other crimes committed in office by him or his cronies.

Indeed, I myself have faced charges and prevailed over them. Time and time again, I have been exonerated of the bogus accusations thrown at me by rivals and vested corporate interests. Despite these attacks on my integrity and career,  I have kept my head down and continue to work hard for the People of Contra Costa County. 

As the County Assessor, I have served several terms at the will of the People of Contra Costa. The voters have elected me Assessor again and again because I serve them well. The People know my work ethic and appreciate my efforts at keeping the tax rolls equitable for all. I have been a stalwart and lifelong member of the California Democratic Party. My years of experience running the Assessor’s office and working with the BoS will allow me to hit the ground running.

Please take this request into consideration in the event I lose the election, and Mr. Glover steps down in the first year. It is only fair to the people of Contra Costa.


Gus Kramer