Attacks & Controversy

As your County Assessor, I have taken on big corporations to fight for equitable tax burden for all. The big corporations find it cheaper to win the support of Supervisors to dodge their tax responsibilities, rather than pay what they legally owe. Private homeowners should not bear the tax burden of mega-corporations like Chevron and vulture hedge funds. Dirty money influences our County politics and your tax bill.

Baseless attacks in the press and from the dias against my work, my department, and my reputation are meant to silence me and stifle my work as Assessor. I persist and continue to fight for the People of Contra Costa despite the personal toll.

Gus Kramer has been exonerated, and newspapers have printed retractions, for the false charges against him

Though I successfully defended the County’s interests, the hedge-fund owned local newspaper’s $60-million property tax appeal has not been settled. And as a result, to this day they continue to print misleading articles about me.

As the executive managing my office at the County Assessor, I have supported equal opportunity for all the staff, and have improved the work environment and efficiency above and beyond the expectations of County departments. Despite this, political attacks from sitting Board members have dragged my name and my department through the mud.

I welcome the opportunity to confront my accusers with the facts discovered by not one, not two, but THREE separate independent investigations that Exonerate me of sexual harassment or hostile work place or retaliation by professionals hired by the county. When the facts are made public, the East Bay Times , the County Board of Supervisors, and their appointees on the county grand jury will be dutifully ashamed of themselves and their unwarranted and political persecution of the county assessor.

My goal is to keep the dirty money from raising your taxes and corrupting our democratic process.