Vote for Gus Kramer

Dirty Politics, Dirtier Politicians

Were bribes offered by Supervisor Glover to suborn perjury in attempts to push Gus Kramer out as Assessor of Contra Costa?

It is looking more and more like Supervisor Federal Glover might have offered cushy County positions to key witnesses and jury members in order force the DA to begrudgingly prosecute me, Gus Kramer, over disproven claims.

My focus is on my job at the Assessor’s office, and my campaign for the Board seat for District 5; meanwhile my lawyers, and the assistant prosecutor investigating me, are digging into the evidence that Federal Glover allegedly violated many laws to discredit me.

The investigation is looking into allegations that Supervisor Federal Glover set-up the specious “MeToo” claim against me, and then arranged a deal with the foreman to have the Grand Jury testimony destroyed.

Glover and other County Supervisors hate me and what I stand for; a few hundred thousand citizens of Contra Costa County LOVE what I stand for. I have been re-elected several times by the People of Contra Costa to serve as their County Assessor.

In my role as assessor, I am called to fairly assess the property tax burdens of corporations and residences. I push for an equitable balance of the tax base where everyone is assessed fairly. Unfortunately, a few big corporations find it cheaper to influence a few County Supervisors and buy the Board votes in attempt to overturn their tax assessment, rather than pay what they owe. They want to shift their tax burden to regular homeowners.

Beholden to their corporate donors and instigators, a few Supervisors want me OUT as assessor, and will stop at nothing to put their own patsy in as Assessor.  I am an experienced civil servant with a pretty thick skin; I can bear the slings and arrows flung at me by opponents. But when the Board of Supervisors colludes in secret, and then uses their pulpit and the force of the District Attorney to levy serious bogus claims at me, I must push back. This is one of the reasons I am running for Supervisor of District Five, to clean up the dirty politics dragging down Contra Costa.

The latest twist in this matter reads like a John Grisham thriller.

Based on a politically motivated attack from a woman in my office, the BoS voted to refer the case to the Grand Jury. We are investigating the suspicious timing, smoking-gun emails, and other evidence that Glover coordinated the accusations with my attacker, and likely offered her the role as Interim Assessor if she were to force me out of office. Her claims have crumbled, but not before the Grand Jury got involved, and the DA Diane Becton pushed to prosecute me.

All of this is pretty bad for me, but it gets worse for me, you, all of us, as well as for Justice.

DESTROYED EVIDENCE: Quid quo pro for Prosecution?

My attorney subpoenaed the notes and tapes of the Grand Jury proceedings against me. Though the Grand Jury meets behind closed doors, their documentation and recordings are to be held for seven years, and must be produced upon a court order. SURPRISE: The files do not exist.

The assistant district attorney prosecutor for my case asked the Jury Foreman Richard Nakano for the files related to my Grand Jury inquiry, and was told by Mr. Nakano they did not exist. The ADA asked AGAIN for the tapes and notes, and was told by Mr. Nakano that they did not exist. Ultimately, upon a THIRD request, the Grand Jury foreman admitted to the County Prosecutor that the files do not exist BECAUSE HE DESTROYED THEM.

In December 2019, after his term on the Grand Jury ended, Mr. Nakano was appointed to the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District’s Advisory Fire Commission for District Five BY FEDERAL GLOVER. The grand jury foreman of the case against Gus Kramer, admitted to the DA he destroyed tapes and notes that could exonerate me, and was given a Commissioner job by my opponent Supervisor Federal Glover.

Here is a description of the seat rewarded to Nakano by Glover.

“The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors is seeking an individual to serve on the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District’s Advisory Fire Commission for District Five. The Commission is responsible for reviewing the District’s operations and budget, and advising the Fire Chief on District service matters. The Commission also serves as a liaison between the Board of Directors and the community, and may be asked to perform other duties by the Board of Directors. “

The People of Contra Costa deserve better. I welcome the opportunity to face my accusers after all these years of these behind doors accusations. When the facts come out, I have had not one, I have had not two, but I have had three independent investigations done by the county and I have been exonerated for sexual harassment, hostile work environment, and retaliation.

The sad part in all of this, the Grand Jury Foreman refused to hear my witnesses who would have refuted their claims. Worse he refused to give me the time I requested to present my side. They gave me two hours. I requested eight hours. The other side had more than 10 hours. Nor did he share all the information I provided him. At minimum, the Grand Jury Foreman should be guilty of obstruction of justice.

When this is all over, the East Bay Times, the Board of Supervisors and their friends on the Grand Jury are going to be ashamed of themselves for the unwarranted prosecution and persecution of the County Assessor. The saddest part of this is corruption in government is alive and well on our Board of Supervisors.