Gus Kramer Unanimously Endorsed by County Fiscal Leaders for Re-Election as Assessor

I am grateful for the unanimous endorsement by the County’s fiscal department heads. They appreciate that the role of County Assessor is demanding, and requires deep understanding of our County.

Endorsed by All Three Contra Costa County Fiscal Executives:

  • Robert Campbell – Auditor-Controller
  • Lisa Driscoll – Chief Fiscal Officer
  • Rusty Watts – Treasurer-Tax Collector

They have seen first had my hard work and successful track record of mentoring and managing the staff of 150, and efficiently and fairly performing over $250 billion in appraisals every year.

In fact, the stellar work of the people I lead in the department has been recognized by the State Board of Equalization as A1 rated. One of the highest ratings ever given to the assessors office in the last 20 years.

It is hard working people like Lisa, Robert, and Rusty and their teams that keep the County running. Politicians make speeches and pass resolutions, but the people in the County’s many departments do all the work. I appreciate them.

I am thankful for their recognition and endorsement.