Lower taxes? Yes I Did.

I have received a few messages asking how I, as the County Assessor, can take responsibility for lower taxes. Most politicians want MORE of your hard earned money. The county supervisors can raise your fees for services and then vote themselves a raise. My job is different.

My job is to fairly assess property values. I have fiscal responsibility and professional obligations to be fair. If you think your house is overvalued and property tax too high, the Assessor office will review it.

Over 34,598 houses qualified for a decline in assessed value and lower property tax bills in 2018 alone.

Tough economic times requires everyone to work harder, and smarter, including your local government. It is the job of the Assessor to keep the local politicians from over-reaching into your wallet.

If you have any questions for me, send me an email guskramerassessor@gmail. com or give me a call 925-372-6136