Proposition 13 at RISK Thanks to Federal Glover

Your Prop 13 Property Rights are at RISK because of Supervisor Federal Glover’s recent votes.

Supervisor Federal Glover, the incumbent County Supervisor. just voted to reduce your Prop 13 benefits. Not once, but twice in the last month.

He just voted to raise the sales tax you pay on just about everything.
Glover also recently endorsed legislation that would prevent you from passing your property other then your house to children and grandchildren – without tax consequences. He also recently endorsed a measure to raise
sales tax on almost everything you buy.


Glover supports Measure X sales tax hike.

In a recent special meeting, the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors adopted an urgency ordinance to ensure a countywide sales tax gets on the ballot.

County Assessor Gus Kramer has been opposing efforts to weaken Proposition 13 for over 25 years.

Shame on the Supervisors Federal Glover and shame on County Board of
Supervisors. Protect Your Prop 13 Rights! Elect Gus Kramer County Supervisor.

Protect Your Prop 13 Rights! Elect Gus Kramer County Supervisor