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Stop Secret Meetings

When the current Board of Supervisors wants to slip something past the people of Contra Costa County, they do it behind closed doors. Protected from public scrutiny and hidden from the record, the Supervisors like my opponent, discuss, collude, and plot to move money and influence where it best suits them, not their constituents. That is, of course, unless their constituent is a big corporation with a history of supporting the Supervisors politically.

$100-Million in Cost Over-runs and deficits
● New County Administration Building
● County Hospital
● And there is more!
Stop the secret meetings (closed sessions) where the Board of Supervisors spends millions of your dollars with little or no accountability. Examples are hiring outside law firms to defend the Board of Supervisors when Board Members break the law. When they decide who is rewarded and who is punished with no public oversight and no accountability.

The new county administrative building has a minimum $44-million cost over-run and had to be reduced by 20% in size because it was built on unstable soil. I warned the Board of Supervisors many times and at public meetings.

The County Hospital. one of the County’s most noble endeavors, is going to have a $100-million operational shortfull this year. This needs to be addressed immediately. The bleeding must be stopped.

The Board of Supervisor gave themselves a 60% pay raise and then a 24% raise without a vote of the people.

The People of Contra Costa County deserve an open and equitable process with transparency and accountability.